The Cultured Canine - Inspiring Dogs, Inspiring People!

Our new second stage examines the dog as a source of inspiration, in art and in life...

Bowie  by Mia Loves Jay

Bowie by Mia Loves Jay

It seems to us that we spend a lot of time looking at our dog buddies. We keep an eye out when they are active and we watch them doggie-dreaming. It should come as no surprise that a lot of people in the arts community are similarly inclined - these individuals just happen to turn their observations into something more…We’ve decided to bring some of these talented, creative types together to talk about mutts & magic at our new tent - The Cultured Canine. 

Here's what to expect:



Artists in conversation about their canine creativity...

Steven Mannion-FarrellGeraldine Murphy and Mia have all been inspired by their fabulous fur friends to create unique works of art & design. Steven is Heather Humphrey's favourite artist, Geraldine (Saba Jewellery) set an MA from Emerson aside and Mia (Mia Loves Jay) swapped Molecular Genetics for Liberty Fabrics. 
We'll chat to these talented individuals about how putting the dog at the centre of their creativity opened up new and exciting routes to inspiration. Who knows, you might even be inspired to chuck it all in to make dog pottery yourself!

Sugar  by Steven Mannion-Farrell

Sugar by Steven Mannion-Farrell

Jack Russel Terrier Pendant  by Saba

Jack Russel Terrier Pendant by Saba



(better smartphone shots for dog owners)

Audrey Dalton of will share hints and tips on getting the most from your phone's camera when trying to capture your pup’s personality.

Audrey is a commercial photographer but Pawtrait is her pet project, providing a bespoke pet photography experience in the beautiful Cherrylane Gallery, Greystones. When she’s not in the studio photographing other peoples dogs, you’ll find her down at the park with her two rescues, Ozzie & Io.

by Audrey Dalton -

by Audrey Dalton -


with Fuchsia Macaree

You’ll know Fuchsia's colourful illustrations from all over;  city junction boxes, a tourist map or two from in-flight magazines and she’s just been commissioned by search colossus Google to tackle her biggest ever canvas  to paint up their giant data centre.

At The Cultured Canine, she will guide young artists in a hands-on workshop to help them draw the dog of their dreams (or at least something that looks recognisably like a dog)!

T - by Fuchsia Macaree

T - by Fuchsia Macaree