Doggie & Soul Relaxation Zone

We like to cater for all comers to The Doggie Do with Dogs Trust, so for the quieter types we present Doggie & Soul, a relaxing, cosy tent where you can meet some very special animal wellness practitioners, while you chill out on comfy beanbags & cushions.


2:30pm  MARY KENNEDY - Reiki Practitioner

Mary is a qualified practitioner of the original Usui system of Reiki healing. She works with people and animals in their own homes. Animals are very perceptive to their owner’s feelings and if you are stressed your dog can pick up on this. They do not understand these feelings and can become anxious and restless which can develop into what some owners would refer to as “behavioural problems’’  Mary tells us:

"I have noticed over the years that animals can actually sense energy vibrating around  the body and can feel for themselves where the energy needs to be directed to restore balance and ease pain or discomfort. By travelling to the owner’s home, the animal being treated is relaxed in their own familiar surroundings and is more open to receiving Reiki, it also allows Reiki to continue on without the interruption of a journey in busy traffic. Many of my human clients also delight in curling up on the sofa and having a nap after I’ve left."

Mary will tell us more about her work at Doggie & Soul, 2:30, Sunday afternoon.


Lisa Tully - Talks to the animals!

Lisa Tully - Talks to the animals!

3:30pm  LISA TULLY - Animal Communicator

Lisa studied under the globally renowned author and animal intuitive Madeleine Walker. With her one-to-one guidance, she perfected the art of animal communication and soul healing. As a clairaudient and clairsentient, she is able to tune into animals and feel their emotions. She hears their concerns and, wonderfully, receives their wisdom. Some might call this telepathy, but she prefers to call it animal talk.

We're looking forward to hearing Lisa tell us about some of her cases, what she has learned about animals and how this can help you in your role as a dog carer. 

The Doggie & Soul tent will be open all afternoon, so feel free to visit at any time and take a little break from all the fun of the festival site.